Top 10 Technological Inventions of 2013

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By theeding of the year 2013, many inventions have arosed which many of us haven’t even noticed. Now lets look at what amazing things were discovered in the year 2013 :)


1. A  Camera which can easily read your mind to start recording:


This is a Camera which is connected to the cranium. During the moments of extreme excitement, it intercepts some of the signals from there and starts recording the video. This Camera is useful in the moments that quickly appear and disappear and they are so great that we wish that we could record them but are unable to do so.

2. Bath Showers which can reuse the Soapy Water Mixture:


Image Source: Youtube

The shower made by OrbSys is a very highly benefitial invention. According to the company, it saves upto 90% of the water you use. The dirty water passes through the drain and into a purification system, it is slightly heated and purified before it comes into the shower again and what you reuse is the water purified at drinking water level. This company was inspired by the NASA who makes strategies to conserver water in spaceships because in space, freshwater from stock resources is very limited.

3. An App for Reading Dreams:

Image Source: Youtube

Shadow is an app designed to record your dreams. Instead of waking you up annoyingly (like an alarm clock), it tries to wake you up slightly and tenderly. When you are in such a stage between your sleep and wakefulness, you easily remember your dreams. At such time, this app prompts you to record the dream you just had.

4. Printed Pizza (instead of Baked):

Image Source: Youtube

Because of this miraculous invention, NASA awarded Systems and Material Research Corporation a grant. Because of this, instead of Baking, you can add powder ingredients with water and apply heat and this converts them to sauce, protein based topping and dough.  This again, is a very useful thing for the astronauts because in their journey of space, they have to stock food supply for decades and stocking in powdered form is very space efficient.

5. An easily customisable phone in which you can add or remove its modules:

Image Source: Youtube

Motorola is working hard to manufacture a device which would be easily customizable. You could detach the phone components and make its shape of your own style. You can also unload many of its modules like for instance, Camera to conserve battery timing.

6. A wristband that can track your physical activities:

In this year, Nike introduced a wristband which could track your physical activities. However, it also got into negative use when the Tesco company was accused to misuse this wristband and track the activities of its warehouse workers, penalizing them for unauthorized access.

7. Harry Potter’s Marauder Map becomes a reality:

Image Source: Giphy

Yeah Really!! The Harry Potter’s Marauder Map comes to reality. The Marauder’s Map on the movie of Harry Potter was used to track the location of the students at Hogwarts. Now, a group of researchers have made a model that can track the location of people using mathematical models and cameras. It will also be able to predict the locations of the people who move away from the camera. It is currently being used at a nursing school.

8. A font-style used to fool the NSA:

Image Source: Vimeo

This was a font prepared by SangMun which is only decryptable by human eyes. It mayt have a positive use that it can be used it re-captcha’s on various websites.

9. Fungi used in home insulation:

Image Source: Youtube

This was made by the two friend researchers. Instead of plastic foams which are non-biodegradable, this proves as a more environment friendly resource.

10. A bike for measuring your speed, distance and time:

Image Source: Youtube

In a common bike, you can replace the rear wheel with this technologically advanced wheel which is used to track your speed, distance and time.

These are the wonderful inventions of the year 2013!!!




Anas Waseem

About Anas Waseem

Talented person in Linux, WordPress and Android. Ending my study as a Pre-Engineer Student and seeking my career in the I.T industry. Co Founder of this blog and website

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Anas Waseem
Anas Waseem

Talented person in Linux, WordPress and Android. Ending my study as a Pre-Engineer Student and seeking my career in the I.T industry. Co Founder of this blog and website

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